Unmasked onstage, Florida based solo artist Marc G-MotiText Nichols is a multi-faceted artist/musician, with a masked alter ego. As Ghost Motive, he produces a new style of music called “Rocktronix“. A blend of driving vocals, dark melody and ominous dance grooves. It’s a melding of his influences, from early Rock to teen years Hip Hop and Metal, then on to more modern bands and genres. As a Breakdancer, he was exposed to the driving Hip Hop rhythms, that influence some of his own beat production. So, you can definitely move to it.

Another dimension of Nichols‘ creative self, is the twisted imagery of his artwork. Through the bulk of his sites’ web design, all the way to Ghost Motive‘s merch line, he presents a dark creative vision to the public. Art was his first passion, and has always been an integral aspect of his presence in any music scene he’s been a part of.

His time in the rock band Grin Cynic led to stage and studio, as well as local and national radio play. Even major label showcases (for Atlantic, Epic/Sony and Virgin), and appearances on nationally syndicated The Howard Stern Show. As the front-man of Divided Mind (the original band in the 90’s, and the 2000 rebirth), he gained more of the stage and studio experience he needed. But, by 2007, he already knew he was ready to make a big change. After a few years of ruminating on the notion, he decided it was finally time to don The Mask of Zeitgeist and embark on the path towards making his own unique sound. Taking a new approach, was the goal. And (through conceptualization, writing and planning) he has finally arrived, at this very new place in his musical and artistic expression. After a couple of immediate shows, he’s stepped back to complete a full set of music. He had hit the stage, with just his first two songs once (then his first three on the second occassion), in a rapid-fire line-up night. Now, he’s working on a growing arsenal of new music. Poised to take the stage by storm, in 2016.


Be prepared to hear and see something very unique, when you delve into Ghost Motive. It’s the final product of an eclectic grouping of musical, and showmanship variants. It’s sure to wake your senses. If you enjoy folky guitar strumming or bubble gummy predictability, it’s not for you. If you enjoy a driving beat, moving melodies, gripping vocals/lyrics and some pretty twisted imagery, well then you may have just found your new favorite sound.

Look for the man in The Mask, and try to catch him offstage without it. The story goes, he’s only human onstage. Offstage, electricity glides over his blue flame lit skull. “The Mask covers, what most would never understand; It’s shocking. No pun intended.” his manager jokingly says of the face represented by the “ElectroSkull” logo likeness of G-MotiText (visible on most of Ghost Motive‘s websites and social media profiles). “The man, and his ‘Elite Collective Krew‘, are really a great bunch of creative/driven people.” he adds.

After having met, with G-MotiText and some of The Krew, I’ve come to the same conclusion; It’s a fact. There is definitely something going on, with their whole scene. Like I had stated previously (and am now stating again), when it comes to Ghost Motive,…BE PREPARED.


Author : Eric A Hunsberger



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