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Florida based solo artist Marc G-MotiText Nichols is a multi-faceted artist/musician, who produces a new style of music called “Rocktronix“: A blend of driving vocals, dark melody and ominous dance grooves. It’s a melding of his influences, from early Rock to teen years Hip Hop and Metal, then on to more modern bands and genres. As a Breakdancer, he was exposed to the driving Hip Hop rhythms, that influence some of his own beat production. So, you can definitely move to it.

The (now) masked menace has hit many a stage, and spent more than his fair share of hours in the studio, with other projects. He had previously been the front man (and co-writer), for bands Grin Cynic and Divided Mind. Now back in Florida, he’s already hit the stage. With just his first two songs, at first, then adding a third in rapid-fire line-ups. He has momentarily stepped back to complete a full set of music. Now, he works on a growing arsenal of new sound. Poised to take the stage by storm, in 2016.

Be prepared to hear and see something very unique, when you delve into Ghost Motive. It’s the final product of an eclectic grouping of musical, and showmanship variants. It’s sure to wake your senses. If you enjoy folky guitar strumming or bubble gummy predictability, it’s not for you. If you enjoy a driving beat, moving melodies, gripping vocals/lyrics and some pretty twisted imagery, (well then) you may have just found your new favorite sound.



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